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Our Services

Let us create your unique experience

Event Activation

Some serious ‘time in the trenches’ makes us the ‘go to’ event execution choice… and, well that’s all we have to say about that!


Our Creative peeps have been instrumental helping us tell beautiful and relevant brand stories. Backed by strategic innovation… we think of it all, really!


We influence purchase decisions through clever communication … What is your ‘super power’?

Trade shows and Exhibitions

Because creating a Exhibition display stand is only half of the story, we offer ‘root to fruit’ solutions to exhibition participation.

Our Portfolio

Just some of our work

Internal comms and team building

Because ‘reading’ from the same (exciting) song sheet is important!


Ask 'who, when, why, where and how?’ and then ‘go forth and conquer'.

Creative and Design

Where ideas become beautiful thought provoking reality.

Campaigns and Roadshows

People don’t all live in one place, so why should brands?

Media and Product Launches

Concepts and brands all start somewhere, so why not make it awesome?

Conferences and Functions

Meet & Greet made fabulous.

Promotions and Hospitality

Sometimes a friendly face creates a memorable moment.

Exhibitions & Centre Court Execution

Visual architecture tells a very visible story and creates tangible exposure.

Our Clients

To name-drop a few.


Where things move fast.


Because you’ll always find us in the kitchen at parties.

Technology & Communications

Keeping the world turning.

Other Brands

Because we like to mix it up a bit.

About Us

A little background to our story.

Besides our really cool Rolling Stones inspired name we unashamedly boast 18 years of experience in creating memorable moments for our blue chip clients. Armed with our perky ‘make it happen’ philosophy and the gift of ‘awesomeness’ we can ace ( absolutely) anything thrown at us.

Brands are not like babies, we don’t instantly love them the moment we hold them for the first time, and that’s where we come in … of course ‘brand love’ is the ultimate goal, but its how we get there... Whether through cleverly thought out campaigns, consumer engagement concepts, hospitality, exhibitions or promotions or even if it’s the facilitation of the brand planning process through conferences and functions, We can help make visions become reality.

Why whisper, when you can shout?

  • Strategy
  • Planning
  • Execution
  • Make it happen

Contact Us

Feel free to send a message

Studying? Unemployed? looking for some market experience? Our clients are rock stars, and need young and enthusiastic peeps to represent them out there. There is no ‘typical’ day in our world, so we can’t tell you what you will do, when you will do it or even why? What we can tell you is that we have fun and you make some serious cash doing it.

Whether it’s ‘in store’ sampling, intersection promotions, mall displays, post box drops, hosting, registrations or sometimes just being your awesome self, we have a job for you.

If you would like to ‘move and shake’ and think you can keep up mail us to become part of the Red Rooster brand ambassador flock.

  • Phone: 011-794-3771
  • Email: admin@redrooster.co.za
  • Address: Unit 12 Cranberry Industrial Park, Cranberry Street, Laser Park, Johannesburg, 2040